A Military Spouse

Growing up, I had dreamed of a fairytale wedding and a dreamy lifestyle. I knew I’d be with the perfect man and have the perfect job making good money. I envisioned having kids that enjoyed growing up visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house every weekend. 

While I did marry the man of my dreams and had a fairytale wedding, I never dreamt I would be on the rollercoaster path of the military life. Or having a career that is continuously changing with our location availability and not getting to see our families every weekend. As I attended a military college, I laughed at the idea that someday I’d be following a man around, but here I am. And I am so proud and honored to be where I am. I am proud to be a military spouse. 

Being a military spouse has taught me a lot about myself and others. Before becoming a part of this community, I knew our military members and their families sacrificed a lot. But I never knew or understood the extent of it. And wow, I am amazed everyday at all of the beautiful people around me. Constantly moving, being away from family, and having a deployed spouse is not always an easy lifestyle. But we surround ourselves with good people, we accept it, and keep on. I have learned something from each person I have met along our journey. I’ve learned about patience, being independent, friendship, kindness, being proud, and the importance of resiliency. I am so incredibly grateful for you all. 

Thank you to all that have served our country, your families, and your friends. Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery, and the example you set. Happy Veteran’s Day!

Yours truly,


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