On Track with 2021

Well, we are almost one month into 2021 and I am just now writing a blog post about the New Year. Wow! I would like to think I am just prolonging the New Year celebration!! But really, January has gone by so quickly for us. And, if you have missed me saying this before, sometimes I procrastinate. B U T it is certainly a goal of mine to be better!

2020 was definitely an interesting year that many of us will never forget! And even though there are still many unknowns and uncertainties for 2021, let’s try to control what we can!

Like many, at the beginning of every year my family and I express things we wish to do or accomplish. Often times I set goals like: eat better, or shop less. For me, while those things are important, are not realistic to maintain throughout the entire year – I cannot give up my Target outings… but who can?!? 

At the beginning of January, I spent more time reflecting on the previous year than I ever have in the past. There were so many things that happened, from a global pandemic to discovering the amazing thing we call “grocery pickup.” Grocery pickup alone was a saving grace for me in 2020, and honestly will continue to be a regular for me in 2021. 

2020 was also a year that helped me grow and overcome different personal aspects in my life. Looking back and reflecting on my accomplishments and setbacks helped provide a solid starting point for 2021. And truthfully, it took me a while to set my expectations and think about what areas in my life I could improve. In fact, I am still adding to my list!! 


  • BEING MORE PRESENT and “in the moment” with my family
  • Practice PATIENCE!
  • Devote more time in my Bible
  • Wake up earlier than my daughter
  • Keep in touch with extended family and friends more frequently
  • Embrace ME time!! This is so important for everyone. As a mom, alone time is often forgotten and neglected. When I am filling overwhelmed or tired, time to myself always helps me reset and ultimately helps me be a better mom and wife! 
  • Time management : As I already mentioned, this is always a goal of mine. By writing it out, it reminds me that this is a weakness and I need to continue to work on it.
  • Save more! I already know that I probably cannot successfully stay away from Target or shopping on Amazon. However, I can control buying one new shirt instead of two. And I can control how much I add to our savings account each month. TIP: If you automatically have money transferred to a savings account once a month (or twice if you can), you never see it/miss it and you can guarantee you are saving money. Just be sure you budget first to see how much you can and should be saving each month! 
  • Embrace the family time we are given : This may sound cliché – but as a military spouse, we are not always blessed with the presence of our solider. At our current duty station, all travel requirements have been halted, which has resulted in my husband working from home the majority of the time. This has been wonderful, but has come with its challenges as well! 
  • Plan more family events or dates on the weekends : Again, since we are not currently experiencing any deployments or time apart, we want to take advantage of this! We plan to do things like going to the zoo, or going hiking, or visit a new city. A fun adventure for the whole family!

These are just a few things on my long list that I’m hoping to accomplish this year.

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2021? Take your time trying to achieve them, good things don’t happen overnight! And try not to be hard on yourself if you get off track. Also, it is ok to continuing adding goals throughout the entire year! 

If you’re having trouble setting realistic goals and expectations, start small. Think of the little things in your life that make you happy! Allow the good and the bad of the crazy year we just had be a guide for you during this New Year. Think about ways you could have made it better and strive to do that this year. Don’t let something bad or sad, or even scary hold you back. If you had a really great year and did amazing things, then that’s great! Do it again! 

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